50+ Most Badass Quotes From Initial D

Initial D is one of my favorite racing manga series which was published in 1995 and had a total of 48 volumes. The best thing is that it was adapted as an anime series in 1998 by the name, “Initial D First Stage” In this article we will list out more than 50 badass Initial D quotes. But before that let’s take a look at the story of Initial D.

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Takumi Fujiwara is a simple 18-year old high school student with an average job as a gas station attendant. He is the son of a tofu shop owner and his task is to deliver tofu every morning without fail, driving along the mountain of Akina.

Takumi had never been interested in cars. Thus, whenever his friends talked about cars or driving, he would be reminded of the daily tiring routine of driving on the mountain to deliver tofu.

But this unknown training makes Takumi to be the greatest mountain-pass drift-racer in all of Japan.

initial d quotes

Now, lets talk about the 50 most badass quotes from Initial D. These quotes inspire and makes one extremely excited.

1- “If you will not look further and push hard , you will not be able to achieve a higher level. “ – Toshiya Yoshima

2- “You know what a god is? A god is human too, but he can do things other people can’t do. That’s a god.” – Itsuki Takeuchi

3- “I think you look sexier that way. A real man gotta have a few scars on his body. I can’t stand those sissies with smooth skin! I really like this one here.” -Natsuki Mogi

4- “You’re a really good driver, Takumi. I always get carsick on long rides, but I didn’t even need to take my pills today.” – Natsuki Mogi

5- “Racers don’t need girlfriends!” – Koichiro Iketani

6- “I’m getting a car that’s practical and easy to drive” – Bunta Fujiwara

7- “It has four wheels and it runs. It’s a car.” – Takumi Fujiwara

8- “It’s not every day you see a driver who works his ride better than his own feet, but when you do you can tell by the aura coming off the car.” – Takashi Nakazato

9- “Driving technique is not something you can obtain in a few days” – Bunta Fujiwara

10- “The One With The Stronger Heart, Always Wins the Battle!” – Wataru Akimiya

11- “If you can feel and capture something in my passenger seat, I’ll be satisfied. It’ll mean that there was a meaning to our meeting.”– Toshiya Joshima

12- “But you’re still young. You should be able to aim for even higher grounds.” – Toshiya Joshima

13- “I’m old now. Maintaining what I have is the best I can manage.” – Toshiya Joshima

initial d quotes

14- “No Matter how much skill you have, it’s difficult to maintain it once you have decided that you’re good enough.” – Toshiya Joshima

15- “If you aren’t continuously looking up and putting in the effort, you can’t reach the next level.” – Toshiya Joshima

16- “Don’t forget your experience from tonight. You’re still learning.” -Ryosuke Takahashi

17- “Fujiwara, the stage that you’re aiming for is still far ahead. For now, absorb everything completely. For the sake of the day that will surely come.” -Ryosuke Takahashi

18- “Whatever Ryosuke is thinking, the most of the time we wouldn’t even understand him right until the end anyway. His mentality is…different” -Hiroshi Fumihiro

19- “There will only be one round. If you manage to get away, you win. But I won’t let you.” – Hojo Rin

20- “Why are you crying? I will protect you no matter what.” – Takahashi Ryosuke

21- “Don’t be content with winning on a small stage like Akina. There’s a much bigger world out there.” – Ryosuke Takahashi

initial d quotes

22- “No matter how strong the pain is, it’s our duty to move forward. You’re wrong for running away from reality.” – Takahashi Ryosuke

23- “He’s good. The rear of the car just leaving the corner looked very steady.” – Nakazato Takeshi

24- “So fast. His handling of the rotary engine is almost an art. He has the sense of genius and a clever mind. That’s the true nature of Takahashi Ryosuke, who’s known as the logical type.” – Ryuji Ikeda

25- “If you like to drive a car, that’s enough to be called a Street Racer. If you’re a Street Racer, you should have pride in the technique you have learned. If someone challenges you, you accept it. That’s the pride of a Street Racer.” – Takahashi Keisuke

26- “Is that all you’ve got, Senpai? I won’t run or hide. I won’t lose that easily. So throw everything you’ve got at me, Hojo Rin.” – Takahashi Ryosuke

27- “Watching him up close, his drift is almost an art form.” – Takahashi Ryosuke

28- “I saw white wings like on birds.”Shinji Inui

29- “What’s wrong with an AE85? It got an engine, tires, and it runs. Even if it doesn’t have power, it can pick up speed on downhill. Why don’t you practice hard and learn some techniques?” – Fujiwara Takumi

30- “I don’t know… Hmm… My perfect guy… He has to drive a rotary like me. And he has to be faster!” – Kyoko Iwase

31- “This is the first time I’ve seen someone who can let their car drift on a straight road” – Takahashi Ryosuke

32- “No matter how fast the car in front runs, they are not going to fly. Both are cars, both have 4 tires. So since they can turn at a corner, I can also turn at the same speed.”
-Takumi Fujiwara

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33- “The key to downhill succes isn’t power, it’s balance.” – Ryosuke Takahashi

34- “Beginners can drive fast on a straight line.”
“Intermediate drivers can master corners.”
“But truly advanced drivers find their own course…and that’s how they get ahead.”
-Ryosuke Takahashi

35- “Racing is about adapting. In any situation , Believe your instincts. Trust your Experience.” – Bunta

36- “You can buy expensive cars with money… but you can’t buy technique.” -Mako Sato

37- “I have much more respect for those with a good driving technique.. than for those with fancy imports…” -Mako Sato

38- “The wounds run deep. The pain is almost unbearable. But that doesn’t give us the right to just curl up and die. No matter how hard things get. It’s our responsibility to keep moving forward.” -Takahashi Ryosuke

39- “That 86 is one aggressive piece on the road. It was some kind of kamikaze technique! This guy’s got no fear!” – Announcer

40- “I almost don’t even care who wins or loses just as long as the fights a good one.” – Koichiro Iketani

41- “Looks like your ordinary piece of crap from the outside, but whoever’s behind the wheel is a demon.” – Keisuke Takashi

42- “You have strong luck, but how long will it last?” -Hojo Rin

43- “If you won’t push harder, you won’t be able to achieve greater heights.” -Toshiya Yoshima

44- “Those with strong heart, ace the battle.” -Wataru Akiyama

45- “Takumi you don’t look too sharp.” -Itsuki Takeuchi

46- “There is no more room to slow down.” -Takumi Fujiwara

47- “I wouldn’t have bumped it once.” -Bunta Fujiwara

48- “Road racers don’t need a girl after all.” -Itsuki Takeuchi

49- “Are you a tofu?” -Takumi Fujiwara

50- “My girlfriend is one thing, my car is another.” -Takumi Fujiwara

51- “Just drive a car, that’s enough to be a street racer.” -Keisuke Takahashi

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Some most asked questions regarding Initial D

1- Is Initial D a True Story?

Yes, Initial D is said to be a bit similar to the life of Keiichi Tsuchiya, who is a Japanese professional race car driver. He is known as the Drift King for his nontraditional use of drifting in non-drifting racing events. Most of the manga is centered on the prefecture of Gunma, more specifically on several mountains in the Kantō region and in their surrounding cities and towns. Well, some of the locations names might be fictionalized but most of them are real places in Japan.

2- Is Initial D anime completed?

The anime is made up of 11 stages (6 main stages, 2 extra stages, and 3 battle stages), which were released between 1998 and 2021. The anime series is named as First Stage, Second Stage, Extra Stage, Third Stage, Battle Stage, Fourth Stage, Battle Stage 2, Extra Stage 2, Fifth Stage, Final Stage.

3- What kind of anime is Initial D?

Initial D is a Japanese street racing anime that is based on a manga written and illustrated by Shuichi Shigeno. It has a total of 48 volumes.

4- What Initial D is first?

Initial D first stage which released in 1998 is the first part of the animated series. This is the story of a young delivery boy who becomes a drift-racing legend.

5- What makes Initial D so good?

There are many factors that make Initial D so lovable. The first one is Takumi’s character development, from being someone who doesn’t love car racing to becoming one obsessed with it. Also, the other side characters each have their own special charm and provide a good addition to this amazing story. From Initial D first stage to Initial D fourth stage, it has come a long way in animation and character development.

6- Should I watch Initial D movies or series?

To be honest, movies are just a recap of the anime seasons in better animation. But the con of Initial D movies is that it skips majority of information regarding Initial D manga. So, you should go with the anime series of Initial D as it covers all the information and also has in-depth info about other characters as well. If you want to know even more then, you should read Initial D manga, which has all the information and covers every nook and cranny of this masterpiece.

7- What does Project D stand for?

Project D is the best team in the whole anime series. In the final stage we get the answer to the most anticipated question that what does “D” stand for in Project D, “D” here means ‘Dream’ and it also means ‘Diamonds’. It’s because Project D’s dream or their moto is to train young and talented drivers into world class champions, like diamond in a rough.

8- How many Initial D legends are there?

Initial D Legends trilogy is a Japanese anime film trilogy that covers from chapter 1-50 of the manga. So, there are a total of 3 initial D legends, New Initial D the movie Legend 1: Awakening, New Initial D the movie Legend 2: Racer and New Initial D the movie Legend 3: Dream.

9- What does D stand for Initial D?

Well, some might think that it stands for ‘Dream’ the same as Project D, some might say it stands for Diamonds. Well, different people have different opinions but the author later clarified that ‘D’ here means ‘Drift’.

10- What was Initial D inspired by?

This hit manga anime series which tells the story of a young man who delivers tofu every morning with his AE86 Trueno to a hotel uphill Mount Akina. Initial D is said to be a bit similar to the life of Keiichi Tsuchiya, who is a Japanese professional race car driver.

11- How old is Takumi at the end of Initial D?

At the start of the anime, we see Takumi as an 18 year old aloof high school student who appears uninterested and tired from most of the things. At the end of Initial D, Takumi is said to be 20 years old.

12- Is bunta the best in Initial D?

Even though we all know that Takumi is the main character in Initial D. Bunta Fujiwara his father is the most fastest and badass character in the whole anime. Through the whole anime we see Bunta telling Takumi that, he could be the best, beat all racers but still he would lose to him. After all, Bunta is considered the best downhill racer in Akina for a reason.

13- What is Takumi’s car?

Takumi Fujiwara’s car is the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86. This car belonged to his former downhill racing Champion father, Bunta Fujiwara. Later, Bunta hands over the keys to Takumi for him to deliver tofu to a hotel up Mount Akina.

14- How tall is Takumi?

Takumi is said to be 174cm (5’8.5″) and weighs 58 kilos (127lb).

15- Who is Takumi’s girlfriend?

Natsuki Mogi also known as Natalie, was Takumi’s girlfriend. But later Takumi broke off after finding out that Natsuki was engaged in an Enjo-Kosai relationship with an old man in a Mercedes-Benz. Enjo-Kosai is a Japanese term meaning the practice of older men giving money and/or luxury gifts to attractive young women for sexual favors. In short, Natsuki had a sugar daddy.

16- What order do I watch Initial D?

People often get confused and wonder in which order to watch Initial D. So here is the chronological order, Initial D: First Stage (1998), Initial D: Second Stage (1999–2000), Initial D: Extra Stage (2000), Initial D: Third Stage – The Movie (2001), Initial D: Battle Stage (2002), Initial D: Fourth Stage (2004–2006), Initial D: Battle Stage 2 (2007), Initial D: Extra Stage 2 (2008), Initial D: Fifth Stage (2012–2013), Initial D: Final Stage (2014), Initial D: Battle Stage 3 (2021).

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Thanks for reading this post and reliving those days when we used to watch this amazing anime. Well, I also loved writing this post as I remembered those times when Takumi was the talk of the otaku club.

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